GL300 Tracker

£80.00 £50.00

The GL300 is a lightweight, water resistant GPS tracker that is fully compatible with all TracAce software.  It operates via the mobile phone network (requires a SIM card) and can be configured for Geo Fencing (messages sent to your mobile phone when the tracker leaves or arrives a dedicated area) or SOS message operation when a button is pressed.  These compact trackers are highly accurate, reliable and offer battery life that lasts for days or even weeks, depending on your intended use.


Tracker Specs:
Tracker type: GL300
Weight: 60g
Size: 40x24x69mm
Quad band frequency
Water Resistant (IPX5)
Position accuracy from 2.5m
Configurable SOS/Geo Fence alert button
Battery: 1300mAh
Long Standby Time (up to 280hrs without reporting)
Internal 3-axis accelerometer allows for power saving and motion detection
Minimal frequency reporting: 5s
Fully configurable devices

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